Thursday, 24 July 2014

Toronto Zoo

At the beginning of June, my husband and I spent a few hours at the Toronto Zoo. The last and only other time I was there was about 6 years ago when we visited Toronto, before we moved here. It is a really nice zoo! There are a lot of different animals to see and it is just a nice way to spend a Summer day. I didn't take that many pictures but got some of my favorite animals there haha.

My favorite was this polar bear. He was so cute! He had this little circuit that he would swim in. He would fall onto his back in the water and just float towards the wall where he would push off of it with his cute little paw to go back to where he started his swim from and then he would flip over onto his paws and start again. It was adorable and so fun to watch! I wanted to keep him. 

There was a nice little enclosure full of butterflies which was really cool! 

One of my other favorite little guys was the baby giraffe, it was sooo cute! I love giraffes in general so it was really cool seeing the baby!

Actually, I had a hard time deciding if the polar bear was my favorite or if the penguins were my favorite...They were African Penguins I think. They were so fun! You could watch them from above and see them walking around or you could go below and there was an aquarium-type wall where you could see into their swimming area and man can they swim! It was so cool seeing them swim around under the water! 

I know this is way too many pictures of swimming penguins but I just love them, haha. This wasn't a very exciting post, I should have taken more pictures! It was really fun though! The funniest thing was probably the fact that they had raccoons on display. We see raccoons almost every day outside of our house so we thought it was pretty strange that they had a display for them, haha. There are more than 3 animals at the Toronto Zoo...I am just not great at documenting...

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