Thursday, 24 July 2014

Casa Loma & St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market was one of the items I crossed off of my Explore my City list recently. I think I should go back now that Summer is in full swing. It was a weekday when I went and the weather was not great. I think more shops would be open now that it's a lot nicer out, especially if I went on a weekend. Despite a lot of the shops being closed and the small amount of people there, I really enjoyed St. Lawrence Market. There were so many food options it was ridiculous! Basically any type of food you can think of you could probably find there. You can also buy fresh groceries there, lots of fish and seafood and delis and butcher-like shops. I went for the fish and chips while my sister had sushi. I also had a latte from a tiny little coffee shop which was delicious! I wish I would have taken some pictures while I was there. I will have to make sure to take some next time I end up there!

Another thing from my Explore my City list was going to Casa Loma. It was really cool! I did not end up taking any pictures inside, I actually liked it better from the outside! If anyone is reading this and doesn't think they want to spend the money to explore Casa Loma, you should at least go there to see it from the outside and check out the gardens surrounding it. There was some beautiful furniture inside though, it might have been more interesting had we opted for the audio tour. The tunnel walk to the stables is really interesting. There are old, dark pictures all along the tunnel walls with really sad descriptions...pretty neat to see. I want to go back just to explore outside. We didn't go far into the gardens because we were really hungry so we didn't want to spend too much time there and we wanted to see the inside since that is what we paid for.

From the outside, this place is like being in a fairy tale. It's beautiful and magical. I will definitely be back. Wandering around the gardens is a very cool, free thing to do in Toronto! I love it! 

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