Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hockley Valley Hike

On the first weekend of June my sister asked me if I wanted to go on a hike somewhere with her. We originally planned to just go to a park in Toronto and wander around. Sara had been looking at a website earlier with different hikes in and around Toronto and decided she would like to do the Hockley Valley hike mentioned on the site. We drove up there, parked the car at the small lot by the hike entrance and wandered onto the trail. It is part of the Bruce Trail that goes across a large portion of Toronto...either that or it was one of the side trails off of the Bruce Trail...

It was a really beautiful hike. It took us less than an hour and it was a loop that took us right back to the entrance so we would be close to our car at the end of the hike. The trail was through a small, thin-treed forest. We went at a terrible time because it was close to dusk and the mosquitoes were so awful! We didn't bring bug spray and we were both wearing shorts and a tank top. If we had planned to leave Toronto from the beginning we might have thought to bring some supplies and dress a bit better for hiking, but it wasn't until we had driven a bit that we decided to leave the city. While we were walking, the bugs weren't too bad, so we just kept moving at a brisk pace. Whenever we stopped to take pictures we ended up jumping around and then running away, haha. 

The forest and the trail was beautiful. The pictures don't do it justice. It was very peaceful. I would love to go back and do a longer hike there. The sunlight streaming through the trees in the forest looked magical. I wish I could have taken longer to stop and admire everything and take more pictures, but the mosquitoes kind of ruined that...

For some reason there was this super old car in the middle of the forest on the trail...I have no idea why it was there or how it got there or anything! It was pretty weird!

This is me on one of the stand thingys with stairs that helps you get over the fence...haha. These things have a name but I don't know what it is....

This hike was really nice even though it was quite short. We passed a few people on the trail but not very many, we felt pretty alone for most of the hike which was kind of nice. After doing this hike, I looked into the Bruce Trail a bit more. I could not believe some of the beautiful scenery around the trail, especially further north at the Bruce Peninsula. I knew I had to see it in person....but that is another entry!

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