Thursday, 24 July 2014

Guildwood Park

After seeing the Scarborough Bluffs, I started looking into other parks around my area and found out about a really cool one called Guildwood Park. The story behind it is pretty interesting. It used to be a colony for artists and their families. It is littered with pieces of old Toronto buildings. There are archways and sculptures from the early 1900's and even some architecture pieces from the 1800's. Most of the pieces seemed to be from old banks from downtown Toronto. It was a very cool place to wander around. Most of the items had descriptions somewhere on them explaining where it was from and what year it was built in. There are also nice forested trails and a great view of Lake Ontario as it is right along the Scarborough Bluffs (further down from where I explored last time). A lot of people do wedding photography here! Below are some photos I took on my iPhone when I was there back in May. 

The picture below is a part of the Temple Building which was built in 1896 and was Toronto's tallest building for a few years. It was one of the city's first skyscrapers. 

The rest of this stuff I really don't know much about. I took a few pictures of descriptions but I don't remember which descriptions go with each sculpture for most of them. So this blog entry is basically just going to be pictures!

I believe the above picture is for the columns pictured below.

In the picture above you can see the year carved into the archway, it says Estab: 1832

This Greek theatre thingy is from the old Bank of Toronto. I like it. 

I thought these guys were kind of cool, they probably looked majestic once and now that pieces of their mouths are missing they look like they're making silly faces. 

The Guildwood Park also contains the oldest building in Scarborough, Ontario!

These are some pictures from the Bluffs in the park. I love the colours in the water.

This park is really quite nice. I love that it's so different. It's awesome seeing pieces of old Toronto and being able to better imagine how downtown Toronto looked 100 years ago. Makes you wonder why they would change any of those buildings, they must have been beautiful...

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