Thursday, 24 July 2014

Toronto Island

I went to Toronto Island with my sister at the end of May. We drove down to the Harbour area and walked over to the ferries. It was a really short ride but I loved it, I love being on the water. On the way to the island we had beautiful views of the Toronto skyline, but they were probably even better on the island itself.

We walked across to the other side of the island where there is a nude beach and then a regular beach, walking that way it seemed like we could walk straight across to downtown Toronto, it looked so close behind the trees! We stepped onto the beach for a bit just to check out the lake from that side. It was very windy, choppy, and filled with sail boats. It was pretty cool to see. My sister and I have decided we really want to take a sailing lesson someday, or at least get onto a sail boat! I think I would add that to my 30 Before 30 List if I were to redo it. 

There is a cute little theme park on the island, with tiny little rides for young children and overly priced snacks. We did sit down in one of the restaurants to have some food and a couple of drinks though. It was my first time sitting out on a patio this summer, it ended up being pretty cold by then but was still a nice experience! There is an old lighthouse that has a cool story, apparently the lighthouse keeper was murdered there and his body was never found. People say it is haunted now. We could have actually gone inside the lighthouse but there was a huge lineup so we decided we would rather spend our time discovering the rest of the island.

It's a very cute, calm little island and the views of Toronto are just beautiful but it's not really a place I would go back to anytime soon. It seems to me like kind of a one-time thing to do.

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