Friday, 25 July 2014

15 Places Before '15

A 30 Before 30 List was a bad idea for me as a 26 year old...I am a very impatient person and I change my mind about things constantly. I still want to do most of the things on that list but I need a closer deadline and, realistically, I can't do all of those travel things with too much of a closer end point due to budget limitations. To go along with my impatient nature and never knowing what I want for long, I also get easily discouraged. I haven't picked up my guitar in months because I wasn't immediately good at it. The lack of things crossed off on my 30 Before 30 list is really discouraging to me. I think a fresh list with a closer deadline and more easily attainable goals will be better for me, so I started working on one. 

I started my new list off as a 27 Before 27 List. I still need 9 more things to get to 27 though and am having trouble coming up with anything else. I even added things I wanted to do and already did over the past few months. A list that starts off with a few things crossed off makes me happier and makes it less frustrating for me, haha. I thought instead of doing 27 Before 27, I could do 15 Places Before '15. Most of the things on my list were places within a few hours drive from where I live so I think it makes the most sense! Here is my new list:

15 Places Before '15
-Point Pelee, ON
-1000 Islands, ON
-High Park in Toronto, ON
-Bruce Peninsula, ON
-Scarborough Bluffs, ON
-Watkins Glen State Park, NY
-Cheltenham Badlands, ON
-Algonquin Park, ON
-Toronto Island, ON
-Sandbanks Park, ON
-Killarney Park, ON
-Niagara on the Lake, ON
-Casa Loma in Toronto, ON
-Leslie Street Spit in Toronto, ON
-Don Valley Trails in Toronto, ON

I will replace my 30 Before 30 List on the side of my blog with this list. I might change things on here randomly if I find different places I want to go to instead...

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