Saturday, 1 February 2014

Hence Number 16.

A couple nights ago, I decided to make some dinner. Mostly because I am trying to save money by not eating out everyday. Although, I also feel like I should learn how to cook because it's a pretty necessary skill to have. So I decided to make tacos. That's right, this is a story about how I failed at making tacos. The kind that comes in a kit and lists the step by step instructions.... I thought I was doing okay at first, except the ground beef felt really rubbery because I overcooked it I guess. I had placed the hard and soft taco shells on a cookie sheet in the oven to warm them up. I took them out of the oven after 5 minutes and peeled the tin foil off of the soft taco shells. Then I grabbed the cookie sheet with my bare hands to move it out of the way. For some reason I forgot that hot things burn you. My one finger got it pretty badly and even developed a bit of a blister.  

After I iced my finger for a while, I set up everything proudly, ready to display my masterpiece. My husband asked me where the cheese was. I completely forgot about it. Not a huge deal, but pretty ridiculous because, well, duh. I take the block of cheese out of the fridge in a hurry, grab a plate out of the cupboard, and accidentally whip it onto the floor, where it proceeds to smash into pieces. It might be helpful to note here that I smashed a wine glass the day before when I was trying to put it away. It occurred to me that I should start breaking them when they're dirty instead of clean. At least that way I would get out of doing a couple of dishes! 

My husband cleaned up the glass while I grated cheese onto a new, non-broken plate. The tacos were okay. Definitely not worth the trouble I went through to make them. Hence number 16. I really need to learn to cook. This is pretty pathetic. I am taking baby steps...maybe making tacos was too big of a step up. I should stick to chicken fingers, french fries, and plain pasta, haha. Tonight I will be boiling up some frozen perogies and smokies. That seems more my level right now...hahaha. Once I can make macaroni and cheese without screwing up I will try my hand at some recipes. For now I am just focusing on making stuff so I don't have to order food and can save money. 

Last night I made my first attempt at starting to like beer. The reason this is even on my list at all is because I've wanted to be able to drink beer since I first started drinking. It's generally the most convenient and cheapest thing to drink. If I am going to eventually be travelling to a few different places, I think it would be cool to be able to try different types of beer from all kinds of different places. I hate the taste of beer, so I think this will be kind of hard. There was a time when I felt the same way about wine though, and now I love wine! I think if I just keep trying and maybe work my way up from less bitter beers I should be able to do this. My husband brought me home one beer that I liked because it was actually 60% juice and only 40% beer hahaha. It was pretty good. He also bought me a wheat beer which are supposed to be more sweet. I didn't get through very much of that one. It was icky. I will have to try a few different ones, maybe I will find one I actually like. I'm sure I can acquire the taste eventually! 

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