Saturday, 1 February 2014

My First Second City Show

I went to my first Second City show tonight. It was awesome! I totally want to see another one now! I was literally crying I was laughing so hard for one of the sketches! We ended up sitting right at the front, like my feet were touching the stage. Our table was right up against it, it was a lot closer than I expected. This was the stage. I had to lean back to take this picture, haha. 

 It was exciting to cross my first item off of my "Explore My City" list (or any list...). I took away one of the items on the list as well. I used to have "Go to 10 new restaurants or bars". I just don't think this goes along with my bigger goal of paying off my debt and saving up enough money to get to Australia. I'm trying really hard to only eat at home and not waste money at restaurants. Having the excuse of needing to try ten new restaurants would just sabotage my efforts. 

I failed my 365 project. I am going to start it all over again today, haha. I think I might add a page to my blog for my 365 Project to keep me a bit more accountable... 

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