Sunday, 23 February 2014

Feeling pretty accomplished...even though I haven't accomplished anything yet...

I am sitting here eating my favorite food in the world (super spicy chicken biryani), drinking my favorite drink at the moment (Pepsi...out of a doesn't taste as good in bottles...haha), and feeling pretty darn good about myself! I just filed my tax return and am going to be getting a lot more money back than I thought! I did the math and fixed my budget and I will have all of my credit cards paid off by the end of next month!!! Plus I will be able to save a bit of money after that, before my job ends, in case I am out of a job for a month or two after this one. My husband will have his credit card paid off by the end of the month as well and then we just have to start working on the line of credit! I am so pumped for life right now!! 

On top of that, last night I drank a whole beer and it wasn't bad at all! My friend suggested I start with Bud Light Lime because it's not as "beer-y" as other beers, and I actually drank it! I am excited to actually get used to drinking beer! I have a different one to try tonight. It's a darker beer, it has vanilla flavouring and apparently tastes chocolatey... I will report back here after it is done! 

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