Thursday, 20 February 2014

Working again!

I started work on Wednesday finally! I don't like my job very much but I am so excited to be able to put a little bit of money towards my debt with this job. If I get a decent tax refund this year I should be able to pay off my bigger credit card by the time this job ends (or the time I think this job will end). I didn't think I would be able to, but I got a surprise cheque in the mail today for over 700$!! So that is going to help a lot! It's always awesome to get money you weren't expecting! I still have another credit card to pay off but then I can start helping my husband pay down his line of credit. Hopefully I end up getting another job right after this one...

We started looking for a new apartment so we can save money with rent. I was originally thinking we could find a bachelor apartment, maybe for 800$/month. That way we would save over $400 a month. My sister's friend just moved here so they are looking for a new apartment as well. We thought maybe all of us could get a 3 bedroom apartment together. It will be much easier to find a 3 bedroom apartment for $1600 (or less) than it will be to find a big enough bachelor apartment for $800 a month. Actually, I think a bachelor would make us miserable so we would probably have to find a small one bedroom, which would be next to impossible. We also wouldn't have to get rid of as much of our stuff if we moved into a 3 bedroom apartment, which would make it a bit easier. I hope we can get one!

I think I will try to go skating this weekend to cross something off my "Explore my city" list. I feel like I haven't really done anything. I haven't been playing guitar enough either because I was out of town for a week. I also changed my 365 project to just writing something I am thankful for instead of taking a picture. It was too difficult to take a picture of the things I was grateful for. My husband hates being in pictures so that makes it difficult, haha. The point of the project is the same though. It's to remember to be grateful for the things in my life and be more positive. I think if I look back even just at a little writing blurb of something I am thankful for it will be a nice reminder. Looking at pictures would be more fun but this will be good too! 

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