Friday, 24 January 2014

List Update

I updated my list and posted it on the side of the blog so it's easier to find. I changed the "read a book every week" one. I just put it up at first because I saw it on lots of people's lists and I love reading so I thought it would be cool. Then I started realizing something like this should be on someone's list who doesn't spend a lot of time reading and wants incentive to read more. That is not me. BUT, all I read are fiction/fantasy books (plus they're generally between 700 and 1000 pages long, so reading one a week is a bit difficult when I need to spend time working on the other items on my list). I decided it might be good for me to start reading some non-fiction books. That way I could actually learn a few things when I read instead of just pretending I live in a magical world where I have powers and fight dragons or something. I guess I'm pretty behind in that one now. At least I had one fiction book under my belt this year haha. I ordered a few travel books from Amazon so I will start reading those as soon as I get them! Oooh and this gives me an excuse to go to the bookstore! I will do that this weekend! 

I've been practicing guitar everyday but still can't practice for very long before my fingers start hurting too much. Luckily, I will be unemployed for a few weeks after today so I will have LOTS of time to practice and build up my callouses, haha. I've moved on from the Buffalo Springfield song to a new song that only uses the exact same two chords, except it has more strumming and you play the chords for two beats each instead of one. It is Silence is Easy by Starsailor, I actually like it!

Hopefully I can move beyond the E and A chords soon...that will be my goal for after this weekend I guess. 

I was looking into last minute cruise deals yesterday just to see what kind of deals there were. The World cruises are still way out of my price range, and the ones that are a bit cheaper just don't seem worth it because they don't go to enough places that I actually want to go to. The travel books I bought are about traveling all around the world so I might have a better plan once I read through those. I did notice that you can sometimes find decently priced cruises from North America to Australia. Since flights there are expensive and SO LONG I thought this would be so much nicer. I think mostly it's a repositioning cruise so you don't stop at a lot of places on the way, but I would take a 20 day cruise over a 22 hour flight any day! It's not like we have a deadline to leave home or get to Australia. I'll definitely be looking into this more. 

I might be finding out about a new job over the next couple of days so then I will be able to make up a budget for paying off debt and saving up some money! As much as I hate my job and don't want to work, I am excited to start a new job just so I can start saving up for Australia! It'll be much more bearable knowing I am working towards something like that. 

My 365 Project is not going as great as I would like it to. I keep almost forgetting about it and then end up taking a last minute picture for my gratitude instagram. Most of my pictures are actually screenshots...which shouldn't count. They are things that I was grateful for though, like I was grateful I could do my wedding thank you cards online because it's so much easier and I could get it done so much faster, so I took a picture of the design online on my phone. It's a lot of stuff like that. From now on I am not going to allow screenshots or pictures of my computer. I think it will be a lot better in the end if I stop doing those kinds of pictures. 

I think that's about everything I have updates for. My guitar playing is going to get way better over the next week or so, maybe I will even post a video ;) 

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