Wednesday, 22 January 2014

30 Before 30 Instead...

I've decided my bucket list will actually be a 30 before 30 list. I feel like I will be more likely to do the things on the list if there is a time limit on them. So I have almost 4 years to complete this list! I think that is pretty doable...other than the cost of some of this traveling...But that's Future Sam's problem. I might end up changing some things but, for now, here it is:

1) Learn to surf for real (I took a surf lesson in Hawaii but the instructor always had to push me onto the wave instead of me just paddling super fast)
2) Live and work in a new country
3) Go on “Around the World” cruise or just travel around the world
4) Write a novel
5) Travel to Iceland
6) Learn a new language
7) Play guitar (and/or other musical instrument)
8) Go scuba diving
9) Go inside a volcano
10) See lava flowing or a volcanic eruption
11) Travel to New Zealand
12) Complete a 365 project
13) Get a separate picture with each Hanson band member
14) Write a song
15) Start a blog
16) Learn to cook
17) Learn to dance/take a dance class
18) Get a nice camera and take a photography course
19) Get Debt Free
20) Travel Europe/The UK
21) Get decent at skiing or snowboarding
22) Swim with wild dolphins
23) Start liking beer (this probably seems weird but I don't care haha)
24) Go storm chasing 

25) Read a book/novel a week for a year (or 52 books in a year)
26) Do an unexpected nice thing for a stranger (pay it forward, tip 100%, pay for someone's meal, etc)
27) Finish a fitness program (Insanity, T25, P90X, Yoga challenge, Bodyrock challenge, etc) 
28) Find a routine that finally gives me clear skin
29) Travel to Australia
30) See the pyramids 

I have plans for some of these and have started working on some already! This year my husband and I are going to work hard, pay off all of our debt (#19), and save for a yearlong working holiday in Australia (#2 and #29). I have already started learning guitar (#7), started this blog (#15), I usually read quite a bit so I think #25 won't be too difficult, I decided a few years ago that I was going to learn to speak Icelandic (#6) so I have a book and a CD to help me learn I just have to stick with it, and I started my 365 project a few days ago (#12), I am doing the 365 Grateful project on instagram, taking a photo of something I am grateful for everyday. I tried to pick a decent amount of things that I didn't have to travel for so the year I am taking to pay off debt and save money isn't super boring and uneventful haha. I think I am off to an okay start...

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