Monday, 27 January 2014

List for Exploring My City

I have come up with (the beginnings of) a list for what I plan to do in order to cross "Explore my city" off of my 30 Before 30 list. My research (aka googling) didn't go exactly as planned. I was hoping it would be easier to find the best/coolest restaurants, bars, and cafes in Toronto, but it was surprisingly difficult. I actually didn't even try to look up the best bars or cafes because I got too annoyed just trying to find the best restaurants...There are just so many options. It is too hard to find a list of, let's say, 10 that I should go to. Especially because I don't want to go to the best of last year, or the most expensive ones, or the ones with the fanciest (or weirdest) food. I am super picky about food. I have this thing with textures and if it sounds icky I don't want to try it, haha. I think instead of finding the top restaurants, I will just go to 10 restaurants that I have never been to before. If I end up hearing about a great restaurant that I just have to try I will definitely try to go there, but for now it will just stay as 10 that I have never been to. I feel like that's a really small number (especially because my 30th birthday isn't for almost 4 years hahaha) but as I said in an earlier post, I am trying to save and stop spending money as much as possible this year so I can afford to go away. (And then after this year I might not even be in Toronto again before I turn 30).

My list looks like this so far:

1) Skate at Nathan Phillips Square
2) Explore the Royal Ontario Museum
3) Take a ferry to Toronto Island (and take a picture of the TO city skyline)
4) Visit Casa Loma

5) Attend a Second City show
6) See the BATA Show Museum
7) Tour the Steam Whistle Brewery
8) Rock out to an indie concert
9) Watch a TIFF movie

10) Wander around the distillery district
11) Shop at St. Lawrence Market
12) Eat/Drink at 10 restaurants/bars I've never been to

I have already done a lot of the must-do things in Toronto. I've gone to the CN Tower (during the day and at night), went to Niagara Falls, seen a Leafs game, a Raptors game, a Blue Jays game, I've walked (and gone for a run) on the boardwalk at the beach, been to the Art Gallery of Ontario, shopped at Kensington Market, etc. I actually have already seen a very small indie kind of concert at a bar but the band just played covers so I am not going to count it....Plus it's a cool thing to do a few times, haha. 

I'm going to post this list on the side of my blog underneath my 30 Before 30 List and cross things off as I go through them! 

In other news, I have not been playing guitar very much. I am getting really bored of playing the same two chords over and over but I really want to follow the lessons I am doing. I think it will be better for my playing in the long run if I stick with these online lessons. As bored as I am of the two chords, I am still not even good at playing them, so I should shut up and keep it up. I need a capo for the next song I'm supposed to learn as well so I have to go out and get one of those tomorrow. It will get better once I get past this boring song I'm supposed to be learning. 

I started reading my first non-fiction book of the year! It is called "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson. I started reading it a few years ago and then just stopped for some reason and never finished it. I started it all over again, it's really cool! I also went to the bookstore and bought a couple other non-fiction books. I'm really excited to read them! As soon as I finish the first one I am going to make a list on the side of the blog to keep track of how many I have read. 

Today I found out when I will be starting my next job, which means I can start making a budget for paying off debt and saving! I won't be making as much money with this one as I was hoping. It's difficult to find work over the winter though so I am grateful for anything at this point. I don't start till closer to the end of February so I get a few weeks off! Hopefully I use that time wisely! 

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