Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bucket List Beginnings


So I started writing my bucket list today. I will post the whole thing when it is finished but for now I want to write about a couple of the things I hope to cross off that list. One of them is to have a blog! So here it is! Done. That was easy. (haha) I think to actually cross it off though I am going to have to keep it up for more than one post haha. I wanted to start a blog for a couple of reasons:

1) I like to write and this will force me to do it more (and hopefully get better at it...)
2) I am planning on starting a lot of new things and I'm one of those people that quits most things I start. I'm hoping that writing about the new tasks I take on will help me stay accountable...
3) I came across a few blogs about completing bucket lists and I really like reading them so I thought it would be kind of cool to do my own!
4) I watch too much TV...I need as many hobbies as I can get my hands on...

Another thing on my bucket list is learning to play a musical instrument. I guess it started last week. My sister and I were in Jamaica for a series of concerts from my favorite band (Hanson). We were meeting a lot of new people but found that we didn't have a whole lot to talk about with anyone because we don't really do anything. WE ARE SO BORING! We have no hobbies, we work long hours at super boring jobs that we hate, then go home and watch TV or read. We quickly decided that we both needed to come up with some hobbies. 

On Thursday of last week I started thinking that playing a musical instrument would be perfect. I love music, I have always wanted to be able to play a musical instrument, I used to have a keyboard and would play that a bit but, like I mentioned earlier, I give up on things easily. (I did the same thing with the drums...) I thought maybe guitar would be best, basically just because it is portable and I'm planning on doing more travelling. Friday I told my husband I wanted a guitar and started researching beginner guitars and prices. Saturday I bought a guitar... When I want something I go out and get it...I have a problem with not thinking things through...but so far it has been a totally acceptable impulse buy! I have been practicing everyday until my fingers can't take it anymore and I can't WAIT until I get callouses so I can play better and for longer. I read that putting rubbing alcohol on your fingers and avoiding lotions and skin-softening soaps helps the skin harden faster so I have been doing all of that! My hands are DEAD from no lotion, I have the driest skin in the world but they will just have to suffer until I build up the callouses. 

The internet is so wonderful because it is totally going to teach me to play the guitar. I found a video on YouTube which lead me to this website. I checked out a couple of his lessons and the first thing he has you do is learn two chords and then play along with a song. The song is For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield. I've just been practicing playing along to this song...that is basically it. Once I get okay at doing this song all the way through I will move on to another song, I heard that Free Falling by Tom Petty is not too difficult for beginners so that might be the next one I try. 

I'm really hoping I stick with this and can finally say that I play an instrument! I feel less boring already!

Oh another thing I wanted to talk about on here is I read a blog today that I thought was just so cool! Here! She thought of this idea where instead of doing a bucket list where you write all the things you want to do, you could do an anti-bucket list where you write all of the cool stuff you have already done! That way you are looking at a list of your accomplishments which might feel nicer than looking at a bunch of stuff that you have to do and might never even get to. I made one myself because I thought it was such a great idea.

I plan to add a lot more to this list! Basically, this blog will just be keeping track of the steps I am taking to cross things off of my bucket list and become less boring! I want to live life more fully I guess and start to actually do the things I want to do before it's too late. Hopefully my writing becomes less rambley along the way as well...

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