Sunday, 27 April 2014

It's been a while.

I can't believe it's been over a month since the last time I wrote anything...oops! I just haven't had a lot to write about I guess. 

I cancelled my first credit card and the other one is now paid off. I am getting a new credit card in the mail soon so once I get that one I will cancel the other one. I will be getting flight points for this credit card. I also applied for another credit card that earns me Aeroplan points, and I am going to apply for one more if I get approved for this first one. My husband is going to apply for the same ones. If we both get approved for both cards, and spend 500$ on each card in the first 3 months of having the cards, we will each get 55,000 aeroplan points! I am using 40,000 of them for my flight to Mexico in January. We can transfer points between us but it costs money I think, less than it would cost us for a flight though! So together we will have 70,000 points, we will need only 10,000 more for our one way flights to Australia. We are planning to use our cards for everything and take advantage of as many bonus offers as we can to make sure we get the most points. We are going to use our other flight cards (the one that is in the mail right now, and my husband has the same card already) to book a round trip flight to New Zealand from Australia (once we are there). We will only need 7500 more points for that! 

I also made a budget of how much money we will need for our trip, and how long it will take us to save up. We need 9 full months of working. Since we don't generally have work all year long I am guessing it'll take about a year still. My problem is I just have so much extra stuff to pay for in the next couple of months so it's going to be really hard to follow the savings plan we made. I'm a bridesmaid in an out of town wedding, attending a baby shower also out of town, my passport is expired, I'm doing the MS walk which I need to donate 125$ to in order to do, and my next payment for Mexico is coming up. I also am missing 2 full weeks of work, once in May just because there is a hiatus on the show, and once in July for the wedding. Then there are also a bunch of short weeks so my paycheques will be smaller. My husband is out of work sometime in the next month or so too, hopefully he gets a new job right after. 

Today I think I will make a more detailed list of how much money we will need for the trip. I just put down the minimum amount that we had to have in order to get approved for the working holiday visa. I also included flights in my budget though which we hopefully won't have to pay for! I want to write down all the big things I want to do, the things that will cost a lot, and check out prices for living and all that stuff to make sure what we have budgeted will cover it! 

I think I will be changing a lot of things on my 30 before 30 list as well. It wasn't a good idea to make it so far in advance of my 30th birthday. It's only been about 4 months and I have already changed my mind about stuff I thought I wanted to do, haha, Imagine how it will be in 3 years when I am just a few months away from being 30! I thought about doing a new list every year, this year would be 27 before 27, but I would only have about 6 months to complete the first list. It would be really difficult since I will be saving all of my money for Australia...I will have to keep thinking about it...

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