Thursday, 13 March 2014

Losing Steam

Lately I've been feeling like Australia may never happen. I always come up with big plans like this and they always fall through. I'm already wondering if moving to a new, smaller apartment (in a much less awesome area of town) is the right choice because the only reason we are doing it is to save more money and because we don't plan to be here for that much longer. If we don't end up doing our working holiday in Australia it would be really annoying that we moved away from an area I love for no reason. I talked to my husband a bit about how I just really hope we end up actually doing this. He hopes so too. He said if we, for some reason, don't end up going to Australia, at least we will have paid off all our debt. Then we can go somewhere else for a month or two. So at least if we don't go to Australia we will go somewhere. I'm probably just feeling discouraged because we have kind of flopped back into our ways of ordering take out every night and  I have been going to Starbucks a lot more again. I just need to get re-motivated. Maybe I will try to find some more travel books to read....

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