Monday, 3 March 2014

We Found It!

We were planning on finding a 3 bedroom apartment to share with my sister and her friend, we found one that I really loved, it was exactly what I was looking for! Unfortunately, not everyone agreed on it so my husband and I decided we would try our luck finding an apartment ourselves or just stay where we are. Luckily, in the same house as the 3 bedroom apartment, they had a one bedroom available for 900$! It is beautiful too, newly renovated, all new appliances, nobody has lived in it since it was renovated. We would have our own little patio too! We applied for it this weekend and just found out we were approved! We move in April 1! We will save almost 400$ a month, plus we will be closer to work so we will save on gas too. It is smaller than our place now which is kind of what I wanted because it will force us to get rid of our stuff faster.

The only problem is that we were supposed to give 60 days notice at our apartment now and we only gave 30 days notice so we will probably not get our "last month's rent" back. If they end up finding someone to move in for April they will give it back to us but that might be unlikely. I will call them tomorrow and ask if they will try to find someone and if I can help by posting an ad online and answering questions for people and stuff. I was thinking we could even just tell this building we are not leaving until April 30 and find someone ourselves to take the apartment for a month. We could even give it to them for 400$ cheaper. If we do have to forfeit our last month's rent, we will still end up saving money in the long run since this new place is so much cheaper.

I hate moving, but I am really excited to save more money! I am also excited that this will force me to go through my stuff and decide what I really need and what I can get rid of. I gave a few bags full of books, movies, and CDs to Goodwill this weekend, so I have started at least.

I paid off one of my credit cards yesterday! As soon as the payment goes through I am going to cancel the card completely. I only have a little more than 1000$ left to pay off on my other credit card. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to pay it off by the end of the month like I was planning. With this move we have to give first month's rent and last month's rent. The last month's rent was not in my budget at all so it kind of sucks. On top of that, my husband's birthday is at the beginning of April and I want to get him a good present this year since he paid for me to go to Jamaica for my birthday (and Christmas) present. I always seem to be not working when his birthday comes around so I feel like I never end up getting him anything, or at least not anything good. It's his first birthday since we have been married too so I want it to be awesome.

I'm getting better and better at drinking beer. It still takes me like 2 hours to finish one though, haha. I am currently drinking this one:

It's not bad. I got a 6 pack of this one instead of just one at a time like I have been doing with other beers. It's a wheat beer and it's a little bit citrus-y. I am actually drinking this one faster than usual, maybe I will have two of them tonight, haha. 

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