Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Most Beautiful Place In Ontario - Day 3

Our third day in the Bruce Peninsula started out pretty disappointing, but ended up being surprisingly wonderful. We had planned to go to Flowerpot Island that day. There are ferries that take you there and pick you back up after a certain amount of time. We wanted to go out there and hike the trails on the island. It is supposed to be really beautiful and the flowerpot formations are unreal. When we got to the ferry company to buy tickets, we were shocked. The prices were completely unreasonable. We had already spent way more money than we should have on this trip so we decided against Flowerpot Island. 

The previous day, we had actually tried to go to the Bruce Peninsula National Park to do some hiking and see some sights. By the time we got there, the park was completely full and they were not letting anyone else in so we had to turn around. Since Flowerpot Island didn't work out, we decided we would try our luck at the park again. It was a bit earlier than we had tried to go the day before so we thought we had an okay chance of getting in this time. As luck would have it, we got in with no problem! 

After parking in the parking lot that we were assigned at the gates, we walked towards the Cyprus Lake trails. It actually worked out so much better getting into the Bruce Peninsula National Park on the third day instead of the second day of our trip. We had to walk quite far. I don't think we would have enjoyed it much if we hadn't had a day to recover from that first, excruciating hike, haha. 

The paths took us through forests around a couple small lakes until we got to Lake Huron at Indian Head Cove. I loved the boardwalk paths through the forest, they were adorable and beautiful and magical.

I loved all the twisty trees
The cove was PACKED! People were all over the place. At first I was kind of sad that there were so many people there, it was completely different than our first hike where there was not a soul in sight for hours. Since there was so many people, my sister and I heard about a cool way to get down to the cave below called the Grotto, we wouldn't have found out about it if it wasn't for all the people there! From above we couldn't really see the way down. When we decided we would do it and got down to the entrance, I almost wanted to turn back! It was just a tiny hole leading down into darkness... I am a big scaredy cat, so from what I saw, it did not look like my idea of a good time. I followed my sister down anyways and I am so glad I did! It was really cool and not even very difficult. 

Standing up here I heard someone say "This is why blue is my favourite colour"

This is the hole we had to climb into...

Following people out the other side of the hole

Climbing down into the Grotto
Being in the grotto was awesome! It was my second favourite place of the trip. (The first being basically all the lookouts from the first day's hike...) You can swim under if you are an amazing swimmer or if you have scuba gear, I heard someone say that people have died trying though...

The view out from the Grotto

We climbed back up and continued our hike through the boulder beach and around to another small lake...and then another one after that I think, haha. It was a nice hike through the forest and I went swimming in one of the small lakes off of the trail. It's a beautiful hike and the paths around the small lakes are very nice and peaceful. 

View towards boulder beach

Someone scratched in the word YOLO on this sign, hahahaha

We got back to our car and drove into Tobermory for dinner at the Crowsnest Pub again and spent the rest of our last night in the Bruce Peninsula just hanging out at the Bed and Breakfast on our balcony. We left after a quick breakfast the next morning and made the long drive back to Toronto. I still would love to live up in this area. It was ridiculously beautiful and we hardly explored any of it! If it wasn't so cold in the winter and if there was more to do career-wise up there, I would be seriously considering moving up there! I just don't know what I would do for a job... maybe I will figure something out, haha. 

I would recommend a trip to the Bruce Peninsula for anybody and everybody. I can't wait to go back! If I hadn't injured my foot recently, I probably would have made another trip out there by now. Next time I will definitely be checking out Flowerpot Island! I wish I could spend the rest of Summer there...and Fall....

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