Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Most Beautiful Place In Ontario - Day 2

On my second day in the Bruce Peninsula, I woke up with sore legs and blisters all over my feet. We decided we would be taking it a bit easier that day. We packed all of our stuff into the car because we were staying at a different Bed and Breakfast for the rest of our trip. 

Our first stop of the day was to Devil's Monument. It is this huge natural formation of rocks. It is kind of like stacks of flat rocks. It's called a "flowerpot" because of the shape. It starts off thinner at the bottom and gets wider at the top. I had seen pictures of it before when I was researching which trails I should take in the Bruce Peninsula area and thought it didn't look that impressive. It is really cool in person though! Pictures just don't do it justice. It looks so small in my pictures, haha. 

The trail we took was quite small. You walk through forest for a little bit (where we are sure we heard a rattlesnake right by the trail, we ran away so we didn't see it...) until you come to a set of stairs that leads down to a rocky area and towards the lake. You have to walk down the rocks to get to Devil's Monument and the lake is just beyond that. 

You can see how thin the base is
The area had a lot of stacked rocks like this and small waterfalls would come through the cracks. It was pretty!

This is the view of Devil's Monument from the bottom! It's huge!

We walked down to the lake and then back the way we came to get to the car. I think we were only there for about half an hour or 45 minutes.

After the Devil's Monument trail we drove down to Singing Sands beach. There was a trail there too, which we took. I didn't take very many pictures at the beach. We went further along the shore to swim so there would be less people. That far down the beach wasn't very pretty. There were rocks and plants poking out of the sand. It was a very nice place to swim though. I couldn't believe how warm the water was! It was a huge difference compared to swimming on the other side of the peninsula. You could walk into the water forever and not go past your waist. Lake Huron is the clearest lake I have ever been in. There were minnows swimming around and you could see them everywhere. If you stood still, they would come swim at your feet, it was so weird, haha.

After spending a bit of time swimming and walking some of the trails, we headed into Tobermory for food. Our favorite place there was the Crowsnest Pub. I was obsessed with the smokey tequila lime chicken wings. They were amazing. 

After dinner and some drinks we went to our second B&B (Caribbean of the North). We stayed in the Nautical King Suite. It was very nice! The suite was on top of a garage so it was our own little place. We had our own bathroom and a balcony on each side of the garage! One overlooked the lake as it was a lakefront property. 

View from the balcony on the stormy second night of our stay

The second day of our trip to the Bruce Peninsula was very laid back. It was a nice change from the exhausting day before but I was ready for more adventure by our third and last full day! 

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