Monday, 13 October 2014

Leslie Street Spit on the Down Low

The Leslie Street Spit, also known as Tommy Thompson Park, started out as a place to drop off junk such as rock, gravel, and building materials. Over the years it evolved. It still serves the same purpose for construction but now it doubles as a wildlife park as well. Birds thrive in this peninsula, in fact, it is one of the best places for bird watching in the entire Greater Toronto Area. It is completely man-made, but nature sort of took over and turned it into something beautiful. One thing I love so much about Toronto is places like this. You can be in the middle of the city and feel like you're miles away in peaceful wilderness. There are great views of the Toronto skyline from the park as well, I'd say even better than from Toronto Island. 

The park is closed during weekdays because it is considered an open construction area. My husband and I went for a bike ride one early evening and just decided to squeeze past the closed gate. We are rebels like that....haha. For anyone who has thought of checking out the Spit, I definitely suggest doing it the way we did. We saw about 4 other people in the park the entire time we were there. This was the only time I have ever been there so I am not sure how it is on the weekend but I am guessing it can get pretty crowded. It felt like our own secret place. 

I didn't have a lot of time to take pictures because my husband just wanted to go for a nice bike ride and I was ruining it by stopping every 5 seconds to take a picture, haha. I had planned to go back by myself to take more but I never got the chance. Now I am out of town until at least January which is too bad, I would have loved to go back. Here are some of the pictures I did get to take...

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